Andrey Rublev gives a shocking statement, says would not get Vaccinated if given a choice

Seems Andrey Rublev is not comfortable taking the COVID-19 vaccine

World No. 8 Russian Tennis Star Andrey Rublev has said that he would prefer not to take the COVID-19 vaccine if given a choice.

Rublev, who is currently competing in Miami Master Tournament, issued this statement after winning a match against Marton Fucsovics. He also said that he’s already strong enough and his immunity is quite good at surviving diseases since his childhood.

“If you ask me if I can choose, and I can have the option to not have the vaccine, I will not get it,” Rublev said. “There is no reason, it’s just by my feelings. I have never had any vaccine since I was a kid. They never put any. This way, I never had any problems with my health. We’ll see. If I have an option to not do it, I prefer to not do it.” Rublev Quoted Saying.

Deep down we all know this type of thinking created havoc in the lives of people around the world as they are not taking the Corona Virus seriously and are getting infected in large numbers. Rublev should think that the idea of not getting vaccinated is going to influence his fans all over the world.

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