Bittersweet Day for India’s shooter, Manini at Asian Games: Silver in team event, 18th in individual

Indian rifle shooter Manini Kaushik experienced a mix of emotions at the Asian Games, winning a silver medal in the Women’s 50m Rifle 3-positions Team competition while finishing 18th in the Individual event.

For Indian rifle shooter Manini Kaushik, the day at the Asian Games was a blend of elation and regret. She secured a silver medal in the Women’s 50m Rifle 3-positions Team competition but faltered, landing in 18th place in the Individual event.

While Manini celebrated the team’s achievement and applauded her teammates, Sift Kaur Samra, who set a world record and clinched gold, and Ashi Chouksey, who secured bronze in the Individual category, her own individual performance left her with a sense of frustration.

In the team event, the Indian trio of Sift, Manini and Ashi collectively notched an impressive score of 1764, earning them the silver medal. They were closely behind the Chinese team, composed of Han J, Xia S, and Zhang Q, who accumulated a total of 1773. The Republic of Korea secured the bronze medal with a score of 1756.


Manini expressed her complex emotions, saying, “I’m experiencing a mix of emotions. I’m delighted for my team’s accomplishment and for representing my country on the podium. However, I am also aware that I need to refine my individual performance. These are conflicting feelings, but for now, I choose to focus on the positive aspects.”

As the qualifying stage of the Women’s 50m Rifle 3-positions event concluded, Manini was spotted wiping away tears. When questioned about her emotional state, she replied, “It’s a blend of both happiness and sadness. I feel joy for my team and my nation, but I recognize the need for personal improvement. Currently, I am emphasizing the positives.”

Manini, a 22-year-old law student at Manipur University, Jaipur, comes from a background that piqued her interest in shooting targets. She recounted, “My father owned an air gun, which initially sparked my fascination with target shooting.”

After witnessing her teammates’ commendable performances in the individual event, Manini resolved to intensify her efforts and return in the next edition of the Asian Games with the goal of securing an individual medal.


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