Carolina Panthers Ownership & Administration

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The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The Panthers were founded in 1993 and began to play in 1995 as the NFL’s 29th franchise. The team is currently owned by David Tepper, who purchased the Panthers in 2018.

The Panthers have had a relatively short history compared to other NFL teams, but they have made a significant impact on the league. In just their second season, the Panthers reached the NFC Championship Game, and in 2003 they reached Super Bowl XXXVIII, where they lost to the New England Patriots. The team has also produced several talented players over the years, including quarterback Cam Newton, who was named the NFL Most Valuable Player in 2015.

David Tepper is a billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist who purchased the Panthers in 2018. He is the founder of Appaloosa Management, a hedge fund that has been successful in generating high returns for its investors. Under Tepper’s ownership, the Panthers have undergone some changes. In 2019, the team hired a new head coach, Matt Rhule, and a new general manager, Scott Fitterer. 


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Owner of Carolina Panthers 

One of Tepper’s main priorities as the owner of the Panthers is to create a winning culture within the organization. He has been focused on building a team that is not only talented on the field but also has a strong character and a commitment to excellence. This approach has helped to create a strong sense of unity and purpose within the team and has contributed to the Panthers’ success on the field.

The Panthers have also made some changes to their business operations under Tepper’s ownership. One of the biggest changes was the construction of a new practice facility, which was completed in 2020. The facility is state-of-the-art and provides the team with everything they need to train and prepare for games.

In addition to the construction of the new practice facility, the Panthers have also made changes to their ticket sales and marketing strategies. The team has implemented new technologies and data-driven approaches to help reach more fans and increase ticket sales. 

Another area that Tepper has been focused on improving is the Panthers’ community outreach efforts. The team has been actively involved in several initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the Charlotte community.

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The Panthers’ administration is also a key part of the team’s success. The team’s president, Tom Glick, is responsible for overseeing the team’s business operations, and he works closely with Tepper and the rest of the ownership group to ensure that the team is financially stable and competitive on the field. Glick has a long history of success in the sports industry, and he has been instrumental in helping the Panthers to grow and thrive.


The Carolina Panthers are a successful and well-run NFL franchise with a talented and committed ownership group and administration. Under the leadership of David Tepper, the team has made several changes and investments to improve the team’s performance on and off the field. With a focus on building a winning culture, improving the fan experience, and making a positive impact in the community, the Panthers are poised for continued success

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