Cricket World Cup 2023, Who Are Favorites to Win?

Explore the top favourites to win the Cricket World Cup 2023 and find out which teams could be the dark horses in this thrilling tournament.

The Cricket World Cup 2023 promises fierce competition, with several nations having a fair shot at lifting the trophy. A close inspection of the odds gives us insight into which teams are at the forefront and who are the likely underdogs.

The Formidable English Squad

The reigning champions, England, bring a well-rounded team to India for the 2023 World Cup. Having secured their first title four years ago on home ground, England faces the challenge of retaining it abroad. But given their roster brimming with game-changers, there’s good reason for English fans to hope for a repeat performance.


Australia: A Legacy of Dominance

Australia’s track record in ICC events is unparalleled, boasting five world championships. While they may lack the intimidation factor of their early 2000s lineup, the current Australian team is still a force to be reckoned with. With a balanced team full of top performers, they could very well be the dark horse of the tournament.

Home Ground and Fan Base: India’s Strengths

Hosts India are arguably the top favourites for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Not only will they enjoy home-field advantage, but they’ll also have the overwhelming support of a passionate fan base. India’s previous triumph on home soil in 2011 serves as a powerful precedent, making them a significant threat this time around.

The Wild Card: Pakistan

Pakistan never fails to surprise in cricket tournaments. Their unpredictable nature was evident in the 2022 T20 World Cup when they advanced to the finals despite a shocking loss to Zimbabwe. Could they defy expectations once again and secure their second World Cup?

The Underdogs: New Zealand

New Zealand, despite never winning a World Cup, often find themselves in the semi-finals of both T20 and ODI tournaments. This consistency might just carry them through, although the absence of their regular captain, Kane Williamson, could be a setback.

The Dark Horse: Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been emerging as a competent force in ODI cricket. Given that the conditions in India are quite similar to their home conditions, the Tigers are a team that could pull off some upsets, making them a side you can’t afford to ignore.

The Potential Upset Creators: Afghanistan

In conditions familiar to them, Afghanistan could turn out to be the tournament’s biggest upset creator. Their subcontinental skills might just tip the scales in their favour.

The Top Contenders: Who’s Most Likely to Win?

When it comes to likely winners, three teams stand out:

  • India
  • England
  • Australia

The today Match Prediction apps and sites suggests that India, thanks to their home advantage and ardent fan base, has the best odds of winning. However, England’s strong and balanced squad makes them a top contender as well. Yet, some experts at Sportsline feel that Australia may just steal the trophy and claim their sixth world title.

Merging Talents to Watch

While seasoned players draw most of the attention, emerging talents can be game-changers.

England’s Newcomer

Look out for a rising star from England, eager to shine in his World Cup debut.

Australia’s Young Gun

Australia may surprise us with a new talent who could invigorate their already strong squad.

India’s Prodigy

With home advantage, a young Indian player could steal the spotlight amidst seasoned veterans. According to “The Opinion At The Indian” young talents in India have historically performed well in domestic matches, showing promise for the World Cup.

Keep an eye on Bangladesh’s young talents who are set to make an impact in conditions similar to home.

By focusing on these young talents, we get a fuller picture of what to expect in the 2023 World Cup, enriching our understanding of the tournament’s dynamics.

Upcoming Updates

You can check the full schedule for the 2023 ICC World Cup here. We’ll keep you updated with match-by-match predictions.

Hosting the Event

For the first time ever, India will be the sole host of the ODI Cricket World Cup, having shared hosting duties in the past.

Final Words

With so many strong contenders, predicting the victor of the Cricket World Cup 2023 is anything but easy. Whether it’s the stalwarts like India, England, and Australia, or the potential dark horses like Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the competition is sure to be thrilling.

Thus, the question remains: Who will claim cricket’s ultimate prize in 2023?

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