Denis Shapovalov has recently put forward his thoughts on the revised ATP ranking system

Shapovalov recently gave his thoughts on the ranking debate and pointed out the difficulties faced by the players like Andrey Rublev due to the new rules.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has caused a vast difference in the lives of the people and has also brought a halt to the tour last year. Recently, ATP also introduced a rankings freeze. This was done by keeping the players in mind and if they ever wanted to protect their points if they wanted to avoid traveling or taking part in the events amidst the pandemic.

But, one can also note the downside of the decision as it has made climbing the ranking charts almost impossible. For example, Andrey Rublev has won four ATP titles since the resumption of the tour but has only managed to reach number 8.
On the other hand, Roger Federer has just played two matches in the last year but is still at the 6th position i.e. two spots above Andrey Ruble.


After the win over Hubert Hurkacz, Denis Shapovalov was asked by the media to give his thoughts on the revised ATP ranking system. He specifically mentioned that it would help protect his ranking points at the Miami Masters from his semifinal run in 2019, with the positive and negative aspects of the ATP.

“There’s always going to be positives and negatives in the ranking systems,” Shapovalov added. “And it’s difficult to climb because players are losing points. But at the end of the day, it’s what they decide and we kind of have to go out there and do it. So I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it too much. And in one sense it is good for me because I have semis in Miami so if I lose early, I think I only lose 50% of the points or whatever.”

Talking about the negative aspects of the revised ATP rankings, the Canadian joked that Andrey Rublev couldn’t jump much high even after winning with good points, but also sympathized towards the governing body that they did not have much choice left.

“On the other side, of course, it’s tough to climb,” he said.

“Like I was amazed like Rublev has won like 25 500s and he hasn’t been able to climb so much. So one side says it’s good that you’re not dropping but in the other sense, as you said, it’s difficult to climb so I’m not sure. But again, I’m not involved in it. I don’t know what other options they had” he further added.

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