FIFA World Cup 2022: Award for the Team of the Year – Statistics and Records

Know more about the teams who have received the award for the Team of the Year each time they have played the FIFA World Cup in the past.

The team that wins the FIFA World Cup gets the title “Team of the Year” every year. The winner is announced each year in the FIFA World Ranking in December. It was decided that, except for the years 2000 and 2001, the winner would be the country whose national team scored the most significant average points in their seven best matches in the most recent calendar year ending on December 31. They have been named FIFA’s “Team of the Year” every year since 1993. A trophy for “Team of the Year” is awarded to the men’s national team that finishes the year as number one in the FIFA World Rankings.

When compared to other ranking systems, FIFA’s complicated formula stands out. Factors that affect the final score include the game’s magnitude, the adversary’s caliber, and the team’s confederation. Spain has been named the most incredible team for the last six years. Brazil’s streak of seven consecutive victories from 1994 to 2000 is a new record.

Belgium is currently the best team in the world, and they’ve done it five times in the rankings’ 29 years of existence. Brazil has the record for the most consecutive victories (seven, between the years 1994 and 2000) and the record for the most wins overall (twelve). In the following table, you will find a ranking of the top three teams from each year.


Team Of the Year:

Team First Place Year
Brazil 12 1994-2002,2000-2006
Spain 6 2008-2013
Belgium 5 2015,2018-2021
Germany 3 1993,2014,2017
Argentina 2 2007,2016
France 1 2001


The best football teams are only sometimes comprised of the most skilled individuals. It’s not only about individual talent; you also need leadership, teamwork, and heart to win. Argentina is a recent case of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, even with Lionel Messi’s help, they still couldn’t rule international soccer. 

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