FIFA World Cup 2022: Best Movers of the Year Statistics and Records

Get information on the best movers of the year for the FIFA World Cups that were held before this tournament in Qatar.

According to FIFA World Cup Records, the team with the best overall annual Ranking is the Best Mover. This FIFA World Rating is based on an analysis of all teams’ performances, with the most points and the highest ranking surpassing the team with the most positions gained. Check out the FIFA Best Mover of the Year list.

Calculating a team’s point total at the end of the year multiplied by the total number of points they earned over the year determines their position in the FIFA World Ranking as the best movers of the year. The awards were presented to the team with the highest index score based on this calculation. The best yearly climbers in the FIFA World Ranking are listed in the table below. Since 2006, this award has been given to the Best Mover of the Year.

List of the FIFA World Rankings’ Best Movers of the Year


Year First place Second place Third place
1993 Colombia Portugal Morocco
1994 Croatia Brazil Uzbekistan
1995 Uzbekistan Trinidad and Tobago Czech Republic
1996 South Africa Paraguay Canada
1997 FR Yugoslavia Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran
1998 Croatia France Argentina
1999 Slovenia Cuba Uzbekistan
2000 Nigeria Honduras Cameroon
2001 Costa Rica Australia Honduras
2002 Senegal Wales Brazil
2203 Bahrain Oman Turkmenistan
2004 China PR Uzbekistan Ivory Coast
2005 Ghana Ethiopia Switzerland
2006 Italy Germany France
2007 Mozambique Norway New Caledonia
2008 Spain Montenegro Russia
2009 Brazil Algeria Slovenia
2010 Netherlands Montenegro Botswana
2011 Wales Sierra Leone Bosnia and Herzegovina
2012 Colombia Ecuador Mali
2013 Ukraine Armenia United States
2014 Germany Slovakia Belgium
2015 Turkey Hungary Nicaragua
2016 France Peru Poland
2017 Denmark Sweden Bolivia
2018 France Uruguay Kosovo
2019 Qatar Algeria Japan
2020 Hungary Ecuador Malta
2021 Canada Italy Argentina


According to FIFA World Cup Ranking, the official awards were not given in 2006; however, FIFA has released the best Movers in the Ranking every year since 2007. For instance, according to a 2012 official press release, the FIFA award for “Mover of the Year” goes to Colombia. Different point systems for ranking points over the years have resulted in a change in calculation methodology for some reason (from 1993 to 2006).

Due to a similar process, the outcome is identical to the FIFA world ranking. In the lead-up to the major tournament, the importance of the orders will grow. As there are no scheduled qualifying games, many teams’ progress will be measured by their standings. Coaches can use a rise in place to boost the confidence of their teams, even though they are frequently criticized for doing so.

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