French Open 2022: Rafael Nadal advances to the finals as Alexander Zverev hurts himself

Alexander Zverev got injured during the semifinals of French Open against Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal advanced to his 14th final after Alexander Zverev got injured in the match. It was the semifinals of the French Open that was being played on 3rd June. The game was so close and both the world-class players were putting in so much effort to win the game and go into the finals of the French Open 2022.

Raphael Nadal won the first set of play by 7-6 against Zverev. But it wasn’t easy for Nadal as he seemed a bit annoyed by Xverev’s excellent gameplay in the first set. The second set started and it was again a joy to watch for the fans as both the players were playing their socks off. When the set was levelled at 6-6, Alexander Zverev got injured and he hurt his right leg.

The medical team informed that Zverev couldn’t be able to play again and thus Nadal won the game by a ‘walkover’. It was pretty disappointing for Zverev fans to watch him getting out of the competition in this way. Nadal’s opponent in the finals is still not decided as there is a semifinal game going on between Casper Ruud and Marin Cilic. Whoever wins this game will face Rafael Nadal in the finals of French Open 2022.

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