India Clinches Gold in 50m Rifle 3-Positions at Asian Games with Record Scores

Indian shooters Swapnil Kusale, Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar, and Akhil Sheoran secure gold in the Men’s 50m Rifle 3-Positions event, setting new records.

India’s sharpshooters, Swapnil Kusale and Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar, achieved remarkable feats, establishing new Asian and Asian Games records during the Qualifying Section. Their outstanding performances contributed to India’s gold medal victory in the Men’s 50m Rifle 3-Positions event at the Asian Games shooting competitions.

Kusale delivered an impressive score of 591 with 33 hits within the inner 10 region. Tomar matched his score but had 27 shots within the inner 10 region, leading to a shared record between the two marksmen.

The Indian team, complemented by Akhil Sheoran, displayed exceptional form. Sheoran accumulated a score of 587 and secured the 5th position in the qualifying stage. However, he couldn’t advance to the final because the competition rules allow only two participants per country in the final round.


Nonetheless, Sheoran still earned a medal as the Indian team excelled, topping the leaderboard and clinching the gold medal in the Team competition.

Thanks to the outstanding performances by Kusale, Tomar, and Sheoran, India amassed a combined total of 1769 in the Team competition, surpassing China’s 1763, and securing the gold medal. The Republic of Korea secured the bronze medal in the Men’s 50m Rifle 3-Positions Team event with a score of 1748.

Kusale and Tomar had an opportunity to add another medal to their tally as they qualified for the final in the individual event. They claimed the first and second positions in the standings at the conclusion of the qualification round.

In this demanding shooting discipline, which tests a participant’s skills in kneeling, prone, and standing positions, Tomar achieved scores of 99 and 100 in kneeling, 98 and 99 in prone, and 98 and 97 in standing. Kusale posted scores of 98 and 98 in kneeling, 100 and 99 in prone, and 99 and 97 in the standing position. Sheoran’s scores included 95, 99 in kneeling, 95, 99 in prone, and 98, 99 in the standing position, resulting in a combined total of 1769.


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