India Faces Tough Defeat Against Japan in AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifiers

India faces a challenging defeat against Japan in the AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifiers. Coach Dennerby remains optimistic about upcoming matches.

In the AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament Round 2, the Indian women’s team experienced a challenging 0-7 loss to former World Cup champions Japan, a formidable opponent.

India’s head coach, Thomas Dennerby, acknowledged Japan’s exceptional skills and performance on the field, praising their football style and individual abilities.

During the first half, India maintained a solid defense, with a back three consisting of Ritu Rani, Ashalata Devi, and Sweety Devi, frustrating Japan’s eighth-ranked team.


However, the second half saw a different story, with Japan scoring quickly after the restart, leading to a series of goals within 10 minutes. India’s defense struggled as Japan capitalized on opportunities.

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Dennerby expressed concern over the manner in which goals were conceded, emphasizing the importance of discipline and proper passes when facing strong teams like Japan.

Despite the uphill battle after conceding goals, India made efforts to stretch the play and create chances. Center-back Ritu Rani’s performance was particularly praised by the coach for her determination.

India’s Olympic dream remains alive, with upcoming matches against Vietnam and Uzbekistan, where Dennerby believes they can compete on more equal terms. Winning these matches is crucial for their qualification as the best runners-up.

The team is looking forward to these challenges and has prepared by studying their opponents through videos. Their next match is against Vietnam at the Lokomotiv Stadium on Sunday.

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