IPL and its Influence on Society

Cricket is a lifestyle in India. The country makes up the globe’s most extensive cricket fan base. Thus, it is clear why cricket’s craze in India is unmatched. The love of this game by the general public is what prompted the introduction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

The money involved in the league has changed many lives for good. This highlights the positive impact cricket has on the players, the country’s economy, and the ever-passionate fans, as highlighted in this article.

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How the IPL has influenced the society

Social Responsibility

Just like other leagues in the world, the Indian premier league is well aware of the impact it can make in the community. Working together with fan-based organizations has enabled many teams in the league to build solid and dedicated relations with their communities successfully.

Giving back to society is of vital importance. It shows the positive impact that sports brands can have on the public. With sufficient resources at their disposal, different franchises have rolled out social programs to give back to society and make a difference.

Feeding the poor, promoting good health care and quality education, and building social amenities strengthen the foundation of engagement with the general public. Most clubs have now realized that philanthropic tendencies improve their brand image and can be of more value than just gaining public approval.

A good example is the ‘Education for all’ initiative by the Mumbai Indians, one of the most popular franchises in IPL. The social impact of sports is recognized globally, as highlighted by the commitment depicted by world leaders to global sporting events like the world cup and Olympics.

Source of Hope

Since the introduction of the domestic Indian league, many lives have turned around, which gives hope to millions of Indians. Take a stroll through the cities, and you will find children playing cricket in the streets and often occupying even the constricted footpaths to enjoy the game.

These efforts are not just to pass the time but to cement a foundation that would propel them to multimillion-dollar franchises. The parents not only encourage their kids to build and sharpen the necessary skills but are always glued to games during the cricket season or keeping up-to-date with the latest news on their favorite clubs.


The league has become a cash cow with billions generated through various streams. Being the first of its kind, the IPL attracts cricket fans far and wide. This has boosted tourism as international cricket-loving fans flock to the country during the IPL season.

Some international cricketers from cricket-loving countries also represent various clubs in the league. Those players naturally attract cricket fans from their countries, thus positively impacting sports tourism in India.


Employment opportunities are created during the premier league season as different clubs seek the much-needed staff. Each team should have a medical team, security personnel, cheerleaders, and stadium employees. The employment opportunities generated are a welcome relief to a highly populated country with limited employment opportunities.


When the IPL season kicks off, the media provides much-needed coverage. This means that the different parts of the country where matches are played face heavy scrutiny amid the increased media coverage. Also, it means that fans travel to other parts of the country to cheer on their teams.

As a result, infrastructural developments have been rolled out in smaller cities owing to the extensive coverage by the media. Whereas these developments are done in bad faith, they tend to benefit the locals in the long term.


The revenues generated from the IPL are enormous, thus, translating to higher tax contributions. Before introducing the Premier League, BCCI, the league’s oversight body, was categorized as a charitable institution and hence did not pay taxes. It was later classified as a commercial activity following the introduction of the league, meaning it had to pay taxes.

The success of the league and the amount of revenue generated means that the government derives a sizeable chunk of its revenue from the Indian Premier League. The franchises generate most of their income from ticket sales, broadcasting rights, sponsorship deals, and advertisements.


The Indian Premier League has made a positive impact on society. Social programs, the creation of employment, promoting tourism, and improving the economy are some of the standout contributions. As the Season sets in again, bettors can also reap big betting on their favorite teams on Parimatch. The site gives one a wide range of betting options to suit diverse betting needs.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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