Manchester United announced a new jersey sponsor for the 24/25 season

Manchester United in a press release has announced Qualcomm as their new jersey sponsor for the 24/25 season. The deal has broken previous existing records.

After agreeing with Qualcomm, Manchester United revealed a new shirt sponsor. United and Qualcomm have reached a contract for £65 million yearly, making Qualcomm the most expensive front-of-shirt sponsor in football history.

Manchester United announces Qualcomm Snapdragon

Manchester United and American technology company Qualcomm have agreed that starting with the 2024–25 season, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon brand would replace TeamViewer as the team’s jersey sponsor.


According to reports, Qualcomm and United have agreed to a contract for an initial period of three seasons, with the Old Trafford-based squad having “reached an agreement worth 65 million pounds ($74.92 million) per year.” The agreement’s financial details were kept a secret by the club.

The Red Devils in a press release said, “Manchester United have agreed to an expanded strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., that will see the Snapdragon brand displayed on the front of the club’s famous shirt.”

Manchester United and TeamViewer

In order to replace Chevrolet as their principal shirt sponsor, United signed a five-year sponsorship agreement with German tech startup TeamViewer in 2021.

United claimed to have reached a “mutually beneficial agreement” with TeamViewer in December, allowing the team to choose to repurchase the rights to its collaboration on the team’s shirt.

At the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, after agreeing to the TeamViewer agreement, it went on to announce that it would start a targeted sales effort in a “normalized market.”

Qualcomm is already a Manchester United partner

Qualcomm, a company that makes CPUs for telecom devices, and United already collaborate on projects. In August 2022, the club agreed to advertise Qualcomm’s corporate trademark Snapdragon. Premium smartphones, PCs, video games, linked automobiles, wearables, and other products frequently use the Snapdragon chip.

The press release further said, “Qualcomm Technologies is already a global partner of Manchester United, promoting its Snapdragon brand. Under the expanded agreement, Snapdragon will become Manchester United’s front-of-shirt partner from the start of the 2024-25 season, featuring on the home, away and third kits of the men’s and women’s teams.”

As part of the 2022 agreement, Qualcomm consented to advise the Red Devils on upcoming mobile advancements at Old Trafford to improve the spectator experience. If Qualcomm and Glazers-controlled Manchester United can come to a deal, Qualcomm will start sponsoring the Red Devils’ uniforms at the start of the following season.

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