NFC Team: Jersey of Philadelphia Eagles

In this article, we have mentioned the jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFC team and related information.

The jerseys used by the Philadelphia Eagles, from the Frankford Yellow Jackets to the midnight green, have always been visually attractive.


Philadelphia, home of the Eagles, is home to a professional American football team. A syndicate led by Bert Bell acquired the rights to a National Football League franchise in Philadelphia in 1933, and the team was founded that year to replace the defunct Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Eagles have made the playoffs 29 times since their franchise’s inception; they have won 16 division titles (12 in the NFC East); they have played in and won three pre-merger NFL Championship Games (1948, 1949, and 1960); and they have played in and won four Super Bowls, most recently Super Bowl LII (2017). Since the 1999 season, the team’s home games have sold out, placing them among the league’s top in attendance. Owner Jeffrey Lurie paid Norman Braman $195 million on May 6, 1994, to acquire the Eagles from him. This club was estimated to be worth $2.65 billion by Forbes in 2017, placing them in 10th place among NFL franchises.


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After Bert Bell and Lud Wray moved their expansion team to Philadelphia, they chose the name Eagles because they thought it fit the spirit of the City of Brotherly Love better. According to Bell, the name was selected to honor the eagle that serves as the National Recovery Act’s symbol. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal National Recovery Act are honored with this symbol because of their achievements.

There has been no deviation from the Birds’ traditional jersey color scheme of green, white, black, and gray. To set themselves apart from their AFC East rivals, the New York Jets, the Birds opted to switch to a darker shade of Green for their uniforms in the late 1990s. Modern Eagles players look sharp in a field uniform that features midnight green, black, charcoal, and silver shades.

The Philadelphia-based team’s primary emblem, a soaring eagle clutching a football in its talons and tinted in Green, made its debut that same year, 1948. In its various forms, this logo served as the team’s primary badge from its inception in 1967 until 1996, when the now-iconic eagle head design was unveiled. The current emblem features the head of a bald eagle with a silver beak framed in black and green.

About Uniform

For the 1941 Eagles season, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh traded places as the team’s home field. The side and sleeve panels of the jersey contrast in black and gray. World War II caused a player shortage in 1943. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia join to form the “Steagles.” Phil-Pitt uses green and white jerseys. Player numbers are larger, and stripes go down the shoulders and sleeves. The team’s new uniform color is 1944 White with green horizontal stripes. In 1958, Green became the primary jersey color with white player numbers. 1955’s silver eagle wings adorn the helmet. The Birds added extra strips to their jersey in 1974, with white, gray, and green stripes on each sleeve in 1975. The shoulder pads now include player numbers, while the helmet wings have a white outline. In 1986, the Eagles ditched stripes for short sleeves. The shoulder pads’ player numbers get a black outline.

A new Eagles emblem appears on the jersey’s arm upon close inspection. 1998 The team’s green color was emphasized in 1998. “To look less like the Jets,” says team owner Jeffrey Lurie. In addition to the green color shift, the helmets have more detailed wings from prior years. In 2005, the shirt returned to Green with white player numbers underlined in black. The team’s green and white colors switched again in 2009. The winged helmet is green, and the players’ pants have stripes. In 2007, this color switch occurred. After that, in 2014, the jersey’s primary color was green. Player pants and numbers match white socks.

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The Eagles wore the alternative black pants with white uniforms during Week 10 of the 2021 season. It was the first time black pants were used with a uniform of a different hue. The Eagles revealed a new black alternative helmet in 2022 to go with their all-black suit. The team also revealed that the retro Kelly Green jerseys would make a comeback as an alternate uniform beginning in the 2023 season. The news that the Eagles would update their logo to a more contemporary typeface was made public on June 16. However, the new wordmark would only appear on the team’s jerseys in the 2024 season so the previous design would remain in use until then.

Full Name: Philadelphia Eagles

Nickname: The Iggles

Founded: 1933

Ground state: Pennsylvania

Team Owners: Jeffrey Lurie

Prominents players: Chuck Bednarik, Reggie White, Brian Dawkins, Steve Van Buren, Donavon McNabb, Brian Westbrook

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