Olympic Champions Gong Lijiao and Liu Shiying to Lead China at 2023 World Athletics Championships

Get ready for the 2023 World Athletics Championships as China reveals its lineup of 41 athletes, including Olympic champs Gong Lijiao and Liu Shiying. They’ll compete in various events alongside their teammates in Hungary from August 19 to 27.

China is gearing up for the 2023 World Athletics Championships, scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary this month. The Chinese Athletics Association has unveiled a roster of 41 skilled athletes who will represent the nation on the global stage.

Among the prominent athletes leading the Chinese contingent are Olympic champions Gong Lijiao and Liu Shiying. Gong Lijiao, aged 34, aims to secure her third world title in the women’s shot put category. She has a remarkable track record, having competed in her ninth world championships. On the other hand, Liu Shiying is targeting her first world title in the javelin throw discipline.

The duo of Olympic champions will be joined by their fellow teammates, adding to the strength of China’s representation. Notable members of the team include Wang Jianan, the reigning men’s long jump champion, Feng Bin, the defending champion in women’s discus throw, and Liu Hong, who clinched a bronze medal in Tokyo.

The 2023 World Athletics Championships is set to feature a total of 49 medal events. Over 2,100 athletes from more than 200 teams will gather at Hungary’s newly constructed National Athletics Centre. The event is scheduled to take place from August 19 to 27, promising intense competition and exceptional performances.

Here is the roster of athletes representing China in the championships:

Women: He Wuga, Li Zhixuan, Zhang Deshun, Li Ling, Niu Chunge, Xu Huiqin, Gong Lijiao, Song Jiayua, Zhang Linru, Feng Bin, Wang Fang, Ji Li, Wang Zheng, Zhao Jie, Liu Shiying, Liu Hong, Ma Zhenxia, Yang Jiayu, Bai Xueying, Li Maocuo, Qieyang Shijie

Men: Feng Peiyou, He Jie, Yang Shaohui, Zhu Shenglong, Xie Zhiyu, Huang Bokai, Yao Jie, Zhong Tao, Wang Jianan, Zhang Jingqiang, Zhang Mingkun, Fang Yaoqing, Su Wen, Zhu Yaming, Niu Wenchao, Wang Zhaozhao, Zhang Jun, He Xianghong, Wang Qin, Zhaxi Yangben

As the countdown begins, athletes and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the exhilarating displays of talent and sportsmanship that the 2023 World Athletics Championships are certain to bring.



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