Olympic Records That Are Impossible To Break In The Future

Athletes are ready to give their best when it comes to preparing for the Olympics. We will look at Olympic records that are impossible to break in future.

The Olympics are the most prestigious event in the world of sports as an Olympic medal’s worth is like that of a gold. Athletes are ready to give their best when it comes to preparing for the Olympics and endure pain and injuries to win an Olympic medal. Occasionally, athletes have given such performances that have surprised the entire world.

 In this article, we will look at Olympic records that are impossible to break.

Olympic Records That Are Impossible To Break


Usain Boult’s Olympic Record

Jamieca’s Ussain Boult is known to be the fastest sprinter the world has ever seen. He holds the world record in men’s 100 m dash with a timing of 9.58 seconds which he made in 2009 in the world championship held in Berlin. If we talk about Boult’s performance in the Olympics the athlete holds a double Olympic record with a timing of 9.63 and 9.69 seconds respectively which is unlikely to be broken. Boult has a total of three Olympic medals registered to his name.


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Nadia Comaneci’s Score Of Perfect 10

During the 1976 Summer Olympics, the then 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci registered the perfect score. It was a rare moment then which is evident by the fact that the scoreboard registered the score as 1.00 given the fact that it was not programmed to register a score of perfect 10. The International Gymnastics Federation changed the scoring system in 2006 which eliminated the possibility of a Gymnasts scoring a perfect 10.

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Kim Yun mi Youngest Athlete to Win Gold

In the 1994 Olympics, South Korea’s Kim Yum mi became the youngest athlete to win an Olympic gold medal. The Skater won the medal in 3000 m relay at the age of 13 years and 86 days a record which is likely to remain unbroken. The IOC does not specify a minimum age limit for an athlete to participate in the Olympics rather it’s the governing boy of the respective sport that decides the minimum age for participation. The International Skating Union to ensure the development of children has increased the qualifying age to 15.

Ian Miller’s Record of 10 Olympic appearances

Canadian Equestrian Ian Miller has competed in a record ten Olympics for a period of 40 years spanning from 1972 to 2012. No other athlete featuring in any of the editions of the Olympic games has featured in this many editions with the closest being eight. Despite Miller appearing in so many Olympic games, he failed to win a gold medal with his only Olympic medal coming in 2008.

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China’s dominance in table tennis

It was during the 1998 Olympic games in Soul where Chinna showed absolute dominance in able Tennis a sport which made its debut that year. China which is a force to reckon with at the Olympics has won 32 out of the 37 medals that can be won in his particular sport till now. Next on the list of countries with the most medals in Table Tennis are South Korea, Japan, and Sweden having won three two and two medals in this particular event. China’s dominance in Table Tennis is hard to break which also includes 20 silver and 8 bronze medals.

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