Paul Heyman praised The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

Heyman always chooses the strong side.

The current Run of the Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been absolutely splendid, the storylines he’s getting is amazing and the way he is fighting for the last few years proves why he is one of the Best in business and the new face of the WWE company. The TRP ratings are on high since the day Roman changed his persona and he’s literally conquering every single wrestler in the ring.

Paul Heyman praised his client Roman Reigns who’s having a great run in the company, he also told why he decided to be on Roman’s side as earlier his lengthy stint in WWE has seen him attached to several top names like Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.

“For me to pursue, in front of the camera, life after Brock Lesnar, the only lure that could seduce me to even attempting such an impossible goal was to do it with someone that would live their life in the pursuit of achieving that impossibility, and that’s Roman Reigns, and that’s why someone, that’s why anyone and that’s why everyone should watch Roman Reigns. Every micro-moment he’s in the frame, you are witnessing the pursuit of the all-time greatest career in the annals of sport, in the annals of entertainment, and in the annals of sports entertainment. The rabble-rouser, cult leader, pied piper of the revolution in ECW would not have worked as Brock Lesnar’s advocate,” Heyman added. “Brock Lesnar’s advocate would not have worked as the ‘voice of the voice of the voiceless,’ and none of those would have worked for the special counsel for Roman Reigns or the cohost of Talking Smack. These are all distinctly different roles, and I would be doing a disservice to people if I treated it otherwise”

The duo of Heyman & Roman Reigns is working tremendously well, But we should never forget that if Brock ever comes back in the WWE, how Paul Heyman will react and whom will he support in the End?

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