Rafael Nadal confirms comeback plan for Tennis: “I’ve taken a significant step forward”

Rafael Nadal shares his determination to return to professional tennis after a challenging recovery. The 22-time Grand Slam champion expresses optimism, signaling a positive step forward in his journey back to the court for the upcoming seasons.

Rafael Nadal, the renowned tennis star, confirmed his intention to return to the professional circuit after enduring a challenging recovery period. Having undergone surgery earlier this year due to an injury sustained at the Australian Open, Nadal remained determined to make a comeback.

In a recent statement, the 22-time Grand Slam champion expressed his satisfaction with his progress. “I’m in good spirits, training, and content,” Nadal mentioned on Wednesday. “Previously, I was uncertain if I’d ever return to tennis. Now, I genuinely believe I will. Though I’m not specifying when, I’m steadily increasing my training sessions, and the improvements are promising.”

Acknowledging that pain may persist, Nadal emphasized his significant progress in recovery. “This progress means a lot to me,” he stated. “Though discussing my tennis comeback and potential performance level is a separate issue, the strides towards returning to the sport have been substantial and positive. I anticipate sharing more specific updates in the coming weeks.”


Following his injury setback and subsequent surgery, Nadal has been on a lengthy path to recovery, aiming to reclaim his fitness and competitive edge. Despite uncertainties about his future level of play, Nadal remains optimistic.

“I’ve maintained hope of returning to tennis,” Nadal affirmed. “The extent and level of performance? That’s hard to determine. Clarity unfolds gradually. Presently, I’m on the right recovery path.”

At 37, Nadal isn’t setting ambitious targets like participating in the Paris Olympics or surpassing Novak Djokovic’s Grand Slam record. For him, the goal is a personal triumph—resuming play after a challenging phase.

“I’ve been absent for a year,” Nadal emphasized. “Personal accomplishments hold immense value. My aspiration is to play again. It’s uncertain, but I’m optimistic despite the challenges of returning to a competitive level.”

As the tennis world eagerly awaits Nadal’s return, his dedication and optimism signal a step closer to witnessing the Spanish icon grace the court once more.


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