Referee quits officiating after alleged racism incident in England

The referee has been taking charge of amateur games for nine years. The match was abandoned when the player refused to leave the pitch.

The referee says he quits officiating Sunday League football after alleged racism and spitting incident. He has been officiating in the amateur league for nine years. The Sunday League match in Yorkshire was abandoned when an FC Panda player refused to leave the pitch after he was sent off.

The referee on the incident

The official named Dwayne told Sky Sports:

“He took his shirt off and tried coming towards me. His teammates had to restrain him.

I’ve asked the manager just to get him to go to the changing room, I’ve asked about 10 times. I wasn’t getting anywhere so that’s when I’ve decided to abandon the game.

So I blew up for full time and from then that’s where the situation got worse. I had players in my face screaming at me.

If the other team wasn’t there, I do think you’d have seen a video clip of me getting punched. It had gone from zero to 100 in less than two minutes, it was just mental.

Walking back to the changing room, I had a racist comment aimed at me. I heard it and it makes your blood boil, but I just felt weak because it was one of those where I just had to walk past and just ignore it. After all, if I turn round and confront it, it would have been a lot worse.

The thing that annoyed me the most was that while I was getting changed, I just noticed spit marks on the back of my shirt, which wound me up a lot. What human being spits on people, especially in this day and age now with Covid-19?”

Chairman of Panda FC

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Panda FC says this is the first time he is hearing these allegations from an official. He also said if any player is proven guilty will not play for the club again.

“I was not at the game personally but I am appalled to hear of these accusations. If any of these allegations are proven, individuals will not play for our club again. This is the first time I have heard of these allegations from the referee.

We will always support all referees at all times and the tough job that they perform every week.

If Dwayne has felt threatened in a game we played in, we would like to sit down with him and apologize for face to face and move forward positively together.”

said the Chairman of Panda FC.

He also added that Panda is one of the racially diverse football clubs in Halifax. They feature players from South Asian, Afro Caribbean, Black, and White backgrounds.

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