SL vs WI ODI: New controversy erupts as Danushka Gunathilaka given out for obstructing field

In the ongoing first ODI between Sri Lanka and West Indies, a new controversy erupts as Sri Lankan batsman Danushka Gunathilaka was given out by the umpires for obstructing the field in the very first ball of the 21st over.

The batsman, however, seems not doing the action intentionally but the appeal of West Indies skipper Kieron Pollard makes him went back to the pavilion. Kieron Pollard, who was bowling the 21st over of the match appealed for the obstruction when Gunathilaka deflected the ball away from Pollard’s reach by his leg.

Gunatahilaka defends the slower delivery from Pollard but stepped out of the crease, on the other end Nissaka was running before being sent back. Gunathilaka has a glance as to where the ball was and then when he moved back to get into the crease, he deflected the ball away from Pollard’s reach with his leg.


The Sri Lankan coach Micky Arthur was furious at the decision and came out from the dressing room to have words with the fourth umpire. But the third umpire went along with the on-field decision and asked the field umpires to stay with their decision of soft signal that was out.

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