Top 5 Best Female Referees in the History of Soccer

Read the inspiring journeys of Bibi Steinhaus, Esther Staubli, Lucila Venegas, Kari Seitz, and Florence Biagini, who shattered barriers in soccer officiating.

Soccer, a sport of millions of people around the globe, is not only about players on the field, referees have an equally important role, in applying justice and upholding the integrity of the game. Once dominated by men, the realm of soccer refereeing has seen a remarkable transformation over the years – women making significant strides and pioneering a new era for women in soccer officiating.

Bibi Steinhaus (Germany):

Bibiana Steinhaus is an extraordinary trailblazer in soccer officiating, historically the first female referee in Germany’s best Bundesliga, a soccer league. Her journey began in lower divisions, where her perfect decision-making and extensive knowledge of the game earned her recognition. Steinhaus’s calm demeanour and accurate judgment on the field received respect from players and fans alike. Her inclusion in the Bundesliga marked a substantial milestone for gender equality in soccer officiating, inspiring aspiring female referees worldwide.


Esther Staubli (Switzerland):

Esther Staubli’s journey to prominence in the soccer refereeing world exemplifies commitment and persistence. A native of Switzerland, Staubli made history as the initial female referee to oversee a match in a notable men’s UEFA competition. Her remarkable display in the UEFA Women’s Euro and FIFA Women’s World Cup highlighted her capability to sustain authority and ensure fair play with composure. Staubli’s unwavering presence on the global stage raised the bar for female refereeing, garnering admiration and respect from athletes, trainers, and officials worldwide.

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Lucila Venegas (Mexico):

Mexican referee Lucila Venegas has become a trailblazer for female referees in CONCACAF. Her skill and commitment have been highlighted by her noteworthy officiating positions at the Olympic Games and FIFA Women’s World Cup. soccer officiating circles hold Venegas in high regard due to her unshakable commitment to fair play. Her accomplishments increased her stature as a revered person. They acted as a model for aspiring female referees throughout Latin America, significantly advancing gender parity and representation in sports.

Kari Seitz (United States):

A FIFA referee, Ari Seitz garnered a strong reputation among the top female referees in soccer history. Coming from the United States, Seitz started her journey in college soccer and then progressed to the international level. She displayed her exceptional officiating skills in various FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments and Olympic Games, consistently making fair and accurate decisions. Seitz’s influence on women’s soccer extended beyond the field, as she actively promoted gender equality and empowerment in sports officiating.

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Florence Biagini (France):

Florence Biagini made a lasting impression on soccer refereeing, particularly in France, through her remarkable career. Working her way up from soccer to elite levels, Biagini’s journey showcases her resilience and determination. Her exceptional officiating skills led to various awards, with appearances in several UEFA Women’s European Championships and FIFA Women’s World Cups. Being able to maintain control and enforce game integrity, Biagini became a role model for female referees globally, encouraging them to excel in officiating duties.


These 5 remarkable women have excelled not only as soccer referees but also demolished stereotypes and paved the way for future generations of female officials. Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to fairness have placed them among the finest female referees in soccer history! soccer is a game that has always made us feel excited. 

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