Top ten best female golf players of Ireland in 2024

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the top best female golf players of Ireland in  2024 with their achievements in detail.

Ireland has a rich history in golf, with courses like Royal County Down and Ballybunion drawing enthusiasts worldwide. But in recent years, Irish women golfers have truly stepped onto the world stage, inspiring a new generation of players. This list explores the top ten Irish women golfers in 2024, showing their achievements and the bright future of Irish golf.

1. Leona Maguire

Leona Maguire is arguably the most recognizable name in Irish women’s golf. In February 2022, she became the first Irish woman to win on the LPGA Tour at the Drive Shack Classic at Orlando.  Maguire’s consistency and powerful driving are her trademarks. Currently ranked inside the top 30 in the world, she remains a role model for young golfers in Ireland.


2. Lisa Maguire

Leona’s twin sister, Lisa Maguire, is another force to be reckoned with. Though yet to claim an LPGA title, Lisa has had numerous victories on the Ladies European Tour (LET).  The Maguires’ friendly rivalry pushes them both to excel, and Lisa’s putting skill is a constant threat on the green. Together, they are a formidable presence in professional golf.

3. Stephanie Meadow

Stephanie Meadow, a veteran of the LPGA Tour, boasts eight professional wins, including the 2018 Women’s Irish Open. Known for her strategic course management and mental toughness, Meadow has faced injuries in recent years. However, her experience and fighting spirit make her a player to watch in 2024.

4. Olivia Mehaffey

Olivia Mehaffey, still young in her professional career, has already made a significant impact.  A standout amateur, she turned pro in 2020 and has secured wins on the LET Access Series.  Mehaffey’s aggressive playing style and exceptional ball striking make her an exciting prospect for the future.

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5. Hannah Darling

Hannah Darling is another rising star in Irish golf.  Having turned professional in 2021, she quickly secured status on the LET. Her impressive performances have earned her invitations to major tournaments, showcasing her potential on the biggest stages.

6. Lurline Malone

Lurline Malone, a seasoned campaigner, has been a mainstay of Irish golf for over a decade. A two-time winner of the LET Access Series, Malone is known for her dedication to the sport and her ability to inspire younger players.  Her experience continues to be a valuable asset to Irish women’s golf.

7. Aideen Moriarty

Aideen Moriarty, a current member of the Irish Girls squad, is making a name for herself in amateur golf.  Having won the prestigious Irish Women’s Amateur Championship in 2023, Moriarty displays a well-rounded game with a focus on accuracy and course management.

8. Rebecca Cattori

Rebecca Cattori, another member of the Irish Girls squad, is rapidly climbing the amateur ranks.  Her victory at the 2023 European Ladies’ Amateur Championship is a testament to her talent and composure under pressure.

9. Ellen Molloy

Ellen Molloy, like Moriarty and Cattori, is a promising talent in Irish amateur golf.  Her win at the 2023 Irish Ladies’ Close Championship highlights her ability to excel in match play.  Molloy’s dedication and competitive spirit suggest a bright future ahead.

10. Annabel Fuller

Annabel Fuller, the youngest on this list, is already making waves in junior golf.  Having won the Irish Girls U16 Championship in 2023, Fuller possesses a natural talent and a love for the game.  With continued development, she could become a future star for Ireland.

The Road Ahead

The success of these golfers is not just individual; it signifies a broader movement in Irish women’s golf.  Initiatives by organizations like the Golf Union of Ireland (GUI) and the Ladies Golf Union of Ireland (LGUI) are increasing participation and fostering a strong talent pipeline.  With continued support and the dedication of these players, the future of Irish women’s golf is undeniably bright.

It’s important to note that success in golf can be measured beyond just LPGA Tour wins and world rankings. Players on the LET and LET Access Series are also crucial to the development of the sport in Ireland. Furthermore, the dedication and talent of amateur golfers like Moriarty, Cattori, Molloy, and Fuller paves the way for future generations.


The golfers mentioned in this article represent the current wave of Irish women’s golf.  Their dedication, talent, and passion are paving the way for a future where Irish golfers are constantly competing at the highest levels.  With a supportive infrastructure and a focus on long-term development, Irish women’s golf is poised to create a lasting legacy on the world stage.

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