All about Sogetti in 2022 as Insider in Esports

Sogeti is yet another company that offers growth and development to the esports industry with its progress all year round.

The reality is that gaming has always permeated Sogeti’s daily operations. They think it adds value on many levels, from providing a way for co-workers to socialize and get to know one another to making sure they are in the right place to draw in the greatest digital talent. Esports can be a helpful tool for developing skills like cybersecurity. 

Competitions like “capture the flag” encourage ethical hackers to practice and prove their talents. Sogeti has been challenging ethical hackers, crypto experts, malware analysers, and others to a breakout game since they first released the Cyber E-scape game back in 2019. Coders are inspired by coding competitions to take on a variety of tasks that can help them develop their skills.

Sogeti as Promising eSports


In addition, Sogeti sought to identify some promising eSports and gaming growth sectors. Utilizing AI, the cloud, and data analysis for player performance and enjoyment are a few examples. Since Sogeti and Intel have been business partners for some time, they collaborated to develop the most recent hackathon, which was focused on revolutionizing the digital workplace.

Given that video games are mostly focused on technology, esports technologies are always evolving. Sogeti provides services that are pertinent to esports, such as its knowledge of connected technology and skills in gaming-related development sectors.

Upcoming on Sogeti in 2022

Applications from Sogeti that are pertinent to esports include its knowledge of related technologies and skills in gaming. According to Baker, businesses can shorten their development cycles by using this specialized knowledge.

In the video games League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone, and Trackmania, Sogeti will sponsor the Oplon group. Technology and innovation are two areas in which Sogeti is particularly interested. As a result, the foundation of the cooperation with the Oplon group is the sharing of shared values like passion, teamwork, and fun.

Since the firms have been partners for some time, Sogeti was to organize the hackathon to alter the digital workplace. Sogeti is undoubtedly considering all its options for 2022, with signs of potential future involvement in the esports and gaming sectors. Even though there are a few chances to expand one’s involvement in the esports and gaming industries shortly, Sogeti is undoubtedly looking forward to 2022.

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