How India’s Middle Order May Look Like In The T20 World Cup?

Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, and Dinesh Karthik may perform that role for Team India

T20 World Cup is just a couple of weeks away. Indian cricket team has a significant task in hand. They need to satisfy their fans, who are hungry for the cup. The last time India won a World Cup was in 2011. After that memorable night in Mumbai, India had many chances, but lost their way, as their batters collapsed in key clashes.


Does India have depth in their batting? Previously, there were legends like Dhoni and Yuvraj, and match winners like Raina. India has had notable performances from the lower middle order in the past. At present, all-rounders Ravindra Jadeja and Hardik Pandya have done a commendable job. However, Jadeja was injured and out of the T20 World Cup team. So, how should India prepare their lower middle order? Rishabh Pant at five, Hardik at six, Dinesh Karthik at seven, and Axar Patel at eight. This is how India can ideally fix their lower-middle order.

Pant, Pandya, Axar, and Karthik get chances

 Rishabh and Axar, being left-handers, can add variety to the batting unit. Pant, Hardik, and Karthik being natural aggressors can keep the scoring going. Axar has displayed batting abilities in the past, which is a bonus for the team. 

However, India also needs to be mindful of the consistency factor. Both Pant and Karthik have had issues with regular contributions in the past. Even though one cannot expect everyone to excel in every game, cricket, being a team sport, asks for a minimum guarantee for players. Pant and Karthik can excel on their own day but aren’t as dependable as the top four batters. 

Hardik of late finished many games for the team. It is a positive sign for the Indian team. However, India needs all four batters to complement each other, make some crucial runs, and carry the team forward.

Is the Indian middle order strong for the T20 World Cup?

The batting unit definitely misses the services of Ravindra Jadeja, but still looks threatening enough to trouble the opponents. There are two key aspects that are crucial for India’s success. One is the need to receive regular contributions, and the second is the adaptability to Aussies conditions.

Cricket is all about absorbing the pressure. If Indian batters adapt to the challenging scenario and respond, they have a chance, a definite chance, to win the T20 World Cup. The middle order will have a major role in that aspect.


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