India Wins Two Bronze Medals in Asian Games Rowing: Coxless Four and Men’s Quadruple

India secures two bronze medals in Coxless Four and Men’s Quadruple Sculls events at the Asian Games Rowing competition.

In a remarkable display of rowing prowess, India clinched two bronze medals at the Asian Games rowing competitions, bringing their total medal tally to five – comprising two silver and three bronze medals.

On the recent competition day, the Indian Coxless Four team, consisting of members Jaswinder Singh, Bheem Singh, Punit Kumar, and Ashish, demonstrated exceptional skill by clocking a time of 6 minutes and 10.81 seconds. They finished in the third position, narrowly missing out on silver, which was secured by China. The Indian team initially held the second spot but was eventually overtaken by the fast-charging Chinese crew.

The Indian rowers impressively reached the 500-meter mark in 1 minute and 30.98 seconds, initially positioning them in fourth place. However, they steadily advanced to the third spot by the 1500-meter mark, while the Chinese team moved into second place. This is how the Indian team concluded the 2000-meter course, with Uzbekistan in first place and China in second.


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The second bronze medal of the day was earned in the Men’s Quadruple Sculls event, with the Indian team powered by Satnam Singh, Parminder Singh, Jakar Khan, and Sukhmeet Singh finishing third with a timing of 6 minutes and 6.61 seconds. China secured the gold with a timing of 6 minutes and 2.65 seconds, and Uzbekistan claimed silver with a timing of 6 minutes and 4.64 seconds.

Notably, India had previously won gold in this discipline at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and was the defending champion. Sukhmeet Singh was the sole rower from the 2018 team participating on this occasion, as the other three members – Dattu Bhoknal, Om Prakash, and Sawarn Singh – were no longer part of the team.

Timing-wise, the Indian team exhibited significant improvement compared to their performance in 2018, clocking 6 minutes and 6.61 seconds on this day, whereas they secured gold in 6 minutes and 17.13 seconds in 2018. It’s worth noting that there was no Chinese team competing in Indonesia.

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India concluded their rowing competitions at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou with an impressive five medals. On the penultimate day, they had secured three medals – two silver and one bronze. The silver medals were awarded in the Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls and Men’s Coxed Eight events, while the Men’s Coxless Four, Coxless Pair, and Quadruple Sculls teams secured the three bronze medals.

Despite falling short of adding a gold medal to their collection, India’s performance was commendable, with the team reaching nine finals and securing medals in five of them.

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