IPL 2021: Ricky Ponting addresses the Delhi Capitals

Head coach Ricky Ponting shares insights on how Delhi Capitals can prepare for the IPL

Delhi Capitals head coach, Ricky Ponting addresses the team ahead of their training session. He says that the team has done absolutely well with the effort and intensity that they have shown so far.

Ricky Ponting also introduces himself and share with the new members of the team that he has been coaching the Delhi Capitals for 3 years now. Last year the team completed on the second spot. Now it’s old, and this time the Rishabh Pant led squad must focus on this year only.

Ricky Ponting shares with the squad four principles to adhere to throughout the tournament. He wants each and every player to have the right attitude, put in the effort and commitment towards the game and lastly all the players must care for each other. He also tells them that if they do not play with these principles then they should not come for the practice sessions.

Head coach also some motivates the Delhi capitals by telling them that it is not about the coaches or support staff effort for the team. But, the team is made by the players itself.

Ahead of the remainder of the Indian Premier League season, coach reminds them to leave the training session once they are happy with their effort. Ponting mentions that he will be watching every player and can understand their aim.

Ricky Ponting is sure that the team will do really well. He is all pumped up to bring out each player’s best effort. Best of luck to team Delhi Capitals, Go well!

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