Randy Orton was uncomfortable with a storyline, unveils Retirement plans

The Viper is the only thing good for business.

As we told you earlier, WWE Superstar Randy Orton took a part in the recent episode of Kurt Angle Show where he discussed various topics about his experience with fighting different superstars in the ring, followed by an answer on whether he is going to join the Hollywood Industry.

The Viper disclosed that he was unhappy with the storyline WWE gave him after Legend Eddie Guerrero’s Death to draw more heel heat in the audiences. He said  ” 100% was not comfortable with it. Rey assured me that it’s something Eddie would have wanted, and even still, Rey and myself went to Vickie, and Vickie gave us her blessing. She said the same thing. Eddie would have wanted to help you guys in this manner if he could have used his death in some way to help the business as morbid as that sounds; he would have wanted us to do it,”

However he’s one of the fastest and the most athletic in ring performer in the age of 41, questions of retirement still being asked by the people and different celebs on different occasions, on which he said “My big thing and my wife Kim has promised me, that if she looks at me and she thinks I’m becoming kind of a parody of myself or if I’m unable to do the things that the fans need to be able to physically see me do, in order for them to believe, you know, that an RKO still has as much sting as it once did.

You know, if I can’t do all those things, she has promised me that she is going to let me know that it’s time to hang up the boots, and until then, I’m putting my trust in her, and I’m just going to enjoy what I do because I got great kids. I got five wonderful children. I’ve got a beautiful home—a beautiful wife. Life is really good.”

Whatever Randy Orton does in the ring as a heel, he’s an amazing person off record, Hope we’ll continue to see more of him in the coming years.

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