What is Grand Slam Championship?

Grand slam is the title given to the player who has won four Wrestling championships throughout his career. It replicates the Grand Slam title as in tennis and golf.


WWF, World Wrestling Federation, came into existence during the 1980s. It was renamed as World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. Initially it was a regional wrestling which gradually turned into an international wrestling promotion. A wrestler has to win four league championships to become a grand slam champion. A triple crown winner can become the grand slam champion by winning one more heavyweight championship. The four heavy weight belts championships which a player must win are WWE championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWF European championship and the WWF Tag team championship.


Though each and every title has its own importance, the WWE or world heavyweight championship are the two more prestigious championships at the top highest level. Buddy Rogers has been the first one to claim the title of WWE champion. 

First Grand Slam Title 

Shawn Michaels owns the first grand slam title after he won all the four championships. But for some reasons, the European championship was discontinued on July 22, 2002, making it difficult to earn four titles. To follow in the footsteps of Shawn Michaels were Triple H, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, John Bradshaw, Christian and Big Shaw. 

Currently Active Titles

After the discontinuation of the European championship, there came an issue for the fourth championship. In 2015, a new version came, and four currently active titles were accepted in the world of wrestling namely WWE World heavyweight, intercontinental, US and WWE tag team championships.  Within the new parameters, Kurt Angle was the first title owner. Also, the new format allowed the wrestler to own the title of grand slam more than once after winning the championships. The Miz became the first wrestler to own the grand slam twice under this revised format. Till January 2023, we have 23 grand slam champions under the different incarnations. 

Women Wrestling

To own the Grand Slam title, a woman has to win WWE Raw Women’s championship, SmackDown women’s championship, WWE women’s tag team championship and NXT women’s championship. In May 2019, Bayley became the first woman Grand slam champion by winning all the four heavyweight belt championships. She was followed by Asuka, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. 

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