Who are the top 10 male long jumpers of all time?

The Long Jump has had a rich history as a sport. In this article, we will take a look at who are the top 10 male long jumpers of all time in the World.

One of the most amazing track and field events to witness is the long jump. Athletes make amazing leaps, soaring through the air and landing in a sandstorm. In order to jump and land correctly, a long jumper needs to be able to reach peak speeds on the runway in addition to having exceptional explosiveness. It’s interesting to note that no one has reached the record within a foot since 2009, and six of the top seven jumps in history were done before 1995.

1. Carl Lewis 

  • Nine-time Olympic gold medalist 
  • 1988 Olympic silver medalist 
  • Eight-time World Championship gold medalist 


Carl Lewis is among the greatest long jumpers of all time, even though he may not have the biggest jump here. Throughout his 12-year career, Lewis also participated in the 4×100 relay and the 100 and 200-meter races, where he won numerous gold medals in the former two events. The manner in which he won his four long jumping medals may be even more remarkable than the actual competition. Lewis made history in 1988 when he won the gold medal in the same event two years in a row. He repeated the feat at the Summer Games of 1992 and 1996. When Lewis won the gold in 1996, at the age of 35, he became the oldest long jumper to do it. 

2. Mike Powell 

  • Two-time World Championship gold medalist 
  • Six-time U.S. Long Jump Champion 
  • Two-time Olympic silver medalist 

One of the best American long jumpers of all time is Mike Powell. He set a world record when he leapt 8.95 metres in 1991 at the World Championships, which is almost the whole length of the pit. Powell won a gold medal at the event, the first of his two gold medals at Worlds, thanks to that impressive jump. Powell still maintains the world record, although he never took home a gold medal from the Olympics. He won two silver medals in 1988 and 1992, and he placed sixth at the Summer Games in 1996. Powell, however, takes the top slot on our list since no one else can claim to have soared as far as he has. 

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3. Iván Pedroso 

  • 2000 Olympics gold medalist 
  • Four-time World Championships gold medalist 
  • Five-time World Indoor Championships gold medalist 

During an era of intense competition in the long jump event, Iván Pedroso, a retired Cuban athlete, captured multiple gold medals. Two of the greatest long jumpers of all time, Carl Lewis and Mike Powell, were among Pedroso’s competitors. Nevertheless, Pedroso managed to win gold medals in five World Indoor Championships and four World Championships between 1993 and 2001. At the 2000 Olympics, he also took home the gold medal after clearing 8.55 metres in the air. 

4. Dwight Phillips 

  • 2004 Olympic gold medalist 
  • Four-time World Championships gold medalist 
  • 2003 World Indoor Championships gold medalist 

Dwight Phillips, an American, is a well-known long jumper who has won numerous medals in international competitions. With his 8.74-meter leap in 2009, Phillips broke the record for the sixth-longest long jump in history. He won the gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and he won the gold four times at the World Championships. In addition, he won gold in the World Athletics in 2003 and 2005, as well as the 2003 Indoor World Championships. Among the top long jumpers of the twenty-first century is Phillips. 

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5. Ralph Boston 

  • 1960 Olympic gold medal 
  • 1964 Olympic silver medal 
  • Two-time Pan-American Games gold medalist (1963, 1967) 

United States With three long jump medals overall, Ralph Boston is the second-most-medallist in Olympic history. Boston’s first Olympic medal was a gold one from the Rome Games in 1960. Boston went on to win silver in 1964 and bronze in 1968, his following two medals in a row. Boston won the gold medal in the long jump twice at the Pan-American Games, in 1963 and 1967. According to reports, Ralph Boston also assisted Bob Beamon, another outstanding long jumper on this list, in achieving a world record in 1968. 

6. Bob Beamon 

  • 1968 Olympic gold medalist 
  • 1967 Pan American Games silver medalist 
  • Youngest long jumper to set the world record (22 years and 50 days old) 

Even though it wasn’t the farthest jump in Olympic history, Bob Beamon’s 1968 world record leap is still considered one of the most amazing feats. He won the gold medal and set a new record for the second-longest jump in history, breaking the previous record by almost two feet. Beamon had won 22 of the 23 competitions that preceded the Olympics, thus first place had been expected of him that year, but such a leap had never been achieved before. The age at which he accomplished it—just over a month after turning 22—made it even more amazing. Mike Powell would eventually break his record in 1991, but it stood for more than 20 years. Beamon is still the youngest world record holder in long jumping history. 

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7. Robert Emmiyan 

  • 1987 World Championship silver medalist 
  • Two-time European Indoor Championships gold medalist 
  • 1986 European Championships gold medalist 

Among the greatest jumpers in European history is Robert Emmiyan. At the European Indoor Championship, he took home two gold medals, while at the European Championship, he took home a silver. Though Emmiyan’s best official mark was only an inch behind Lewis’s, he was unable to translate his leaping skills into an Olympic medal. Emmiyan also took home two bronzes in the indoor competition and a gold medal from the European Outdoor Championships. Right now, he holds the long jump record for Europe. 

8. Myer Prinstein 

  • 1904 Olympic gold medal 
  • 1900 Olympic silver medal 
  • Inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1982 

Meyer Prinstein is one of only ten male competitors to earn several Olympic long jump medals, despite his apparent lack of medals in comparison to other athletes on this list. Prinstein competed in the early years of the sport before the numerous titles that are now possible to win in the long jump were formed. Nevertheless, this American-Jewish athlete became well-known.

Prinstein earned the silver medal in the 1900 Paris Olympics. At the following Olympics, he outperformed this performance and took home the gold in 1904. Meyer Prinstein received two distinguished inductions: the National Track and Field Hall of Fame in New York City in 2000 and the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1982. 

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9. Randy Williams 

  • 1972 Olympics gold medalist 
  • 1976 Olympics silver medalist 
  • 2009 National Track and Field Hall of Fame inductee 

American long jumper Randy Williams, who is now retired, has two Olympic medals to his name. Williams most likely could have won another medal if the 1980 Summer Olympics hadn’t been boycotted. With a leap of 8.34 metres, which set a world junior record, he won the long jump competition at the 1972 Olympics. This record stood for 40 years until it was broken in 2012. It became one of the most enduring records in the history of track and field. Before the boycott, Williams qualified for the 1980 Olympic team and won the silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. 

10. Erick Walder 

  • World Championship silver medalist 
  • Two-time World Indoor Championship bronze medalist 
  • Two-time Goodwill Games silver medalist 

Even by himself, Erick Walder was an excellent long jumper. With a best long jump of 28 feet 8 inches, Erick Walder holds the record for the longest jump in history. In addition to this outstanding leap, Walder has received other honours. In addition to his two silver medals from the 1994 and 1998 Goodwill Games, he also won a silver medal at the 1998 World Championships. Walder won bronze at the World Indoor Championships in 1995 and 1999. The record for the longest jump in NCAA history is something Walder does have over all the other names on this list. In fact, Walder became the only athlete in this room to achieve a career-best track record while still in college on that very day in 1994 during a regular-season track competition.

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To sum up, the long jump is one of the most fascinating events in track & field since it allows competitors to push the limits of human potential with every jump. From Bob Beamon’s spectacular 1968 leap to Carl Lewis’s unmatched supremacy, the sport has produced a number of extraordinary individuals that will go down in history. Mike Powell’s incredible world record and Ivan Pedroso’s unwavering brilliance highlight this event’s timeless appeal. Records set by sports giants like Randy Williams and Meyer Prinstein stand the test of time and remind us of these athletes’ lasting influence.

Even Nevertheless, the long jump continues to be a symbol of the human spirit’s constant quest for greatness, despite all the records and awards. From Dwight Phillips to Erick Walder, every athlete embodies the spirit of sportsmanship on the runway with their own combination of talent, willpower, and fortitude. The long jump’s illustrious past and the remarkable people who have competed on its platform serve as a constant reminder that greatness and the pursuit of excellence have no boundaries.

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