Boxing Day Test Match: Meaning, History and Team Information

Get complete information on the meaning, history and the reason by Boxing Test matches are named for what they are. Read to know everything.

The Boxing Day Test is a cricket Test match between an opposing national team touring Australia in the southern summer and the Australian cricket team. It is played in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is contested at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and gets underway every year on Boxing Day (December 26).

Why is it known as the Boxing Day Test?

The rights to begin a test match at the MCG on Boxing Day each year were acquired by the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Australian cricket team in 1980. Since then, an overseas test team has faced off against Australia on this day at the MCG, and the match has come to be known as the Boxing Day Test.


The first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, is honored on December 26, the day following Christmas. In some Commonwealth nations, including Canada, it is also known as Boxing Day, a secular holiday. The first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, is honored on December 26, the day following Christmas.

On the second day of the Christmas season, Boxing Day is a holiday observed after Christmas. Even though it started out as a day to give gifts to the less fortunate, Boxing Day is now primarily recognised as a shopping day. This annual occasion, which lasts for 5 days starting on December 26th, is held every year the day after Christmas. One of Australia’s most well-known sports venues, the MCG, hosts the test match.

The Boxing Day Test is Played by Who?

The highest honor in cricket is considered to be playing in the Boxing Day Test. Every year, a game is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Boxing Day (December 26). The Australian cricket team is playing a rival national team that is on a summer tour of Australia. This year, South Africa is that team.

Boxing Day is observed on December 26 and is only observed in a small number of nations, primarily those that have historical ties to the UK (such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand) and some European nations.

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