England’s Ben Stokes set for knee surgery post World Cup, eyes return for India test series

England’s all-rounder Ben Stokes is scheduled for knee surgery following the ongoing Men’s ODI World Cup to resolve long-standing issues. With his bowling role limited due to knee problems, Stokes aims to recuperate for England’s Test series against India in January 2024.

England’s all-rounder, Ben Stokes, announced plans for knee surgery to address prolonged issues with his left knee following the ongoing Men’s ODI World Cup. The 32-year-old has encountered challenges with his knee over the past 18 months, notably impacting his fast-bowling contributions. This restriction has compelled Stokes to serve primarily as a specialist batter in the World Cup, with his focus on returning for England’s Test tour against India commencing on January 25, 2024, in Hyderabad.

Sharing insights during a pre-match press conference, Stokes acknowledged the prolonged uncertainty surrounding his bowling role due to the knee issue, expressing his anticipation for surgery post the World Cup. Highlighting the complexity of decisions, Stokes conveyed his trust in the medical team, aiming for a successful procedure to aid his recovery.

In addition to the knee concerns, Stokes addressed experiencing exercise-induced asthma during the World Cup, emphasizing its influence on his performances in different cities due to varied air quality in Indian venues.


Reflecting on England’s disappointing World Cup campaign, Stokes was candid about the team’s underperformance, acknowledging the struggles they faced. With England currently at the bottom of the points table, Stokes emphasized the importance of pride in representing the national team and the determination to conclude the tournament with resilience and commitment.

Despite the team’s challenges, Stokes openly admitted their shortcomings, indicating the inability to find solutions to the issues faced in the tournament. He expressed frustration over their inability to execute their game plans effectively and lamented their struggle to regain control during matches.

In a transparent assessment, Stokes acknowledged the team’s disappointment in failing to compete at their usual high standards, expressing frustration over the lack of clear answers for their poor performance in the World Cup. He emphasized that the team’s inability to rectify their flaws led to a disastrous campaign, and while the reasons for their poor display were apparent, finding solutions remained elusive.


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