Kohli and Rahul Rescue India from Early Collapse in Men’s ODI World Cup Opener

Kohli and Rahul’s resilient partnership rescues India in the Men’s ODI World Cup opener, defying an early batting collapse.

In a high-pressure situation at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli delivered a spectacular rescue act, helping India recover from a disastrous start to secure victory in their first match of the 2023 Men’s ODI World Cup.

As the Indian scoreboard displayed a precarious two for three in just two overs while chasing 200 runs, memories of past batting collapses haunted the minds of fans. The early dismissals of Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, and Shreyas Iyer by Australia’s new-ball bowlers, Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood, were reminiscent of India’s infamous 5-3 collapse in the 2019 Men’s ODI World Cup semi-final.

However, what followed was a script that transformed despair into hope. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul forged a partnership of 165 runs that not only steadied the ship but also led India to a triumphant start in the tournament.


The partnership between Kohli and Rahul was the beacon of hope for India in their pursuit of the daunting 200-run target. While Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, and Ravichandran Ashwin could have contributed, Kohli and Rahul were the best-equipped batsmen to navigate the crisis, absorb pressure, and score runs.

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Their partnership was instrumental in calming nerves, and the crowd’s silence gradually gave way to enthusiastic cheers as Kohli and Rahul orchestrated a remarkable recovery. Kohli’s arrival was met with a thunderous roar from fans, while Rahul hurried to the crease.

The partnership of Kohli and Rahul, which had previously seen them both score centuries against Pakistan in the Asia Cup, was now called upon to rescue India from an early collapse. The situation demanded caution, especially against Hazlewood’s seam movement and Starc’s pace under the floodlights.

Kohli faced some close calls and close shaves while battling Hazlewood and Starc, keeping the crowd on edge. There was a heart-stopping moment when Kohli mistimed a pull shot off Hazlewood, bringing back memories of a similar dismissal in the 2015 World Cup semi-final against Australia.

However, this time, fortune favored Kohli as Mitchell Marsh dropped a crucial catch, granting him a lifeline at 12 runs. The crowd erupted in joy, and from there, Kohli and Rahul’s innings transitioned from cautiousness to confidence.

Rahul, who had struggled against leg-spin from Adam Zampa six months earlier at the same venue, displayed remarkable growth. He perfectly timed his late cuts, consistently finding the gap in the off-side to register a couple of fours off deliveries outside the off-stump. Zampa, rattled by Rahul’s precision, erred with an overpitched delivery in the 18th over, which Rahul promptly dispatched for a boundary.

Kohli and Rahul’s smart running between the wickets kept the scoreboard ticking, and both batsmen reached their respective half-centuries. As the dew factor came into play and Zampa struggled to find his rhythm, boundaries flowed freely off both pacers and spinners, bringing India closer to victory.

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Although Kohli departed with 33 runs still needed, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, Rahul assumed the role of finisher and guided India to a memorable victory. His innings highlighted the team’s desperation for his return from a thigh injury and a subsequent niggle.

The 2023 World Cup squad, unlike its 2019 counterpart, boasts a stable middle-order batsman. Rahul, who moved to the middle order in early 2020, has consistently performed and provided stability. His ability to handle pressure and guide the team out of difficult situations has been evident in several matches.

The partnership between Kohli and Rahul not only rescued India from an early crisis but also broke the pattern of batting collapses that had plagued the team in crucial matches. Their poise and skill allowed fans to breathe a sigh of relief after the initial shock of the batting collapse.

As the stadium played inspiring tunes, India celebrated a hard-fought victory, crediting Kohli’s leadership and Rahul’s resilience for steering the team to success.

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