Top 10 Richest Footballers Of 2024

Discover the top 10 richest footballers in the world for 2024! See who dethroned Messi and Ronaldo, and find out who claims the surprising 1 spot.

Richest Footballers: Football is a worldwide phenomenon and not just a sport. The superstars who cover the field with their extraordinary talents are at the centre of this phenomenon. But these athletes also earn huge amounts in addition to medals and honours. Who are the highest-paid players in this wonderful game right now?

Let us explore the world of 2024’s richest footballers:


Ronaldo Luis Nazario – ($160 Million)

A Brazilian legend, Ronaldo Luis Nazário, dominated the sport in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now retired, Ronaldo’s incredible career achievements ensure his financial security. His net worth is approximately $160 million.

Wayne Rooney – England’s Legend, is now a Manager ($170 Million)

A Manchester United and England legend, Wayne Rooney retired from playing in 2021. However his illustrious career and iconic status ensure a comfortable life as a manager.

Kylian Mbappe – The Next Generation’s Superstar ($180 Million)

Kylian Mbappe is already an established name, widely recognized as the successor likely to the thrones of Messi and Ronaldo. Because of his explosive speed and finishing ability Mbappe, a player for Paris Saint-Germain commands a high wage and many sponsorship deals. he is on the Richest Footballers list.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – ($190 Million)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with his audacious personality and incredible talent, has carved a unique path in football history. Even at his age, he continues to dominate Serie A with AC Milan. He is also on the Richest Footballers list.

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Neymar Jr. – The Samba Star with Style ($200 Million)

Neymar’s dazzling footwork and flamboyant personality have made him a global sensation. Neymar, who is currently a player for Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, receives a large salary in addition to many endorsements that serve to further establish his reputation as a marketing fantasy.

Dave Whelan – ($210 Million)

This entry might surprise some fans but he is on the Richest Footballers list. Dave Whelan, the founder of JJB Sports and former owner of Wigan Athletic, may not be a household name on the pitch but his business acumen has secured him a spot on this list of the richest footballers.

David Beckham – ($450 Million)

Even after hanging up his boots, David Beckham remains a global icon. His career with Manchester United and Real Madrid, coupled with his marriage to pop star Victoria Beckham, has transformed him into a brand powerhouse.

Cristiano Ronaldo – ($500 Million)

Cristiano Ronaldo, the player known as the king of football, is on the 3rd position on the richest footballers list. Now lighting up the Saudi Arabian league with Al Nassr, Ronaldo’s dedication to fitness and his fierce competitive spirit have translated into lucrative contracts and sponsorship deals.

Lionel Messi – ($600 Million)

Lionel Messi is a legend. Considered by many to be the greatest footballer ever, Messi’s trophy cabinet is overflowing, and his on-field earnings are equally impressive. Currently playing for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, Messi’s brand value and endorsement deals continue to rake in the millions.

Faiq Bolkiah – ($20 Billion)

Topping the list by a staggering margin is Faiq Bolkiah, a name that might surprise some fans. Faiq is a member of the Brunei royal family and plays professionally for Chonburi FC in Thailand. While his talent is undeniable, his wealth comes primarily from his family’s immense oil fortune.

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