Check out the new Amendments done by ICC for the upcoming cricket matches

Before the start of IPL 2021, some rules of cricket have been changed. Under this, the role of DRS and third umpire has become important. The ICC has made changes in the rules regarding Short Run and LBW. The ICC Cricket Committee, headed by former India captain Anil Kumble, has taken these decisions. Under this, there was a lot of discussion about the umpires’ call but it was decided to continue it even further. However, the right to final decision on the short run has now been given to the third umpire.

After the meeting, Anil Kumble said that there have been a lot of discussion on the umpires’ call in the cricket committee. When DRS was introduced, the intention was to reduce mistakes and take correct decisions. In such a situation, the umpires call has an important role, so it is necessary to continue this.

The Cricket Committee has approved three changes in DRS. Under this, the player will be able to ask the umpire whether the ball has been tried or not before taking a review of the LBW decision from now on. At the same time, given the short run, the third umpire will decide on seeing replays. If a mistake is found, it will be corrected before the next ball is thrown. Actually, there was a lot of uproar during the IPL last year regarding the short run. In a match against Delhi Capitals, the on-field umpire cut a run for Punjab Kings due to short run.

But it was revealed in the replays that the run was right. But then the decision could not be reversed, so the run-off continued. Then there was a demand to give the decision of short run to the third umpire. Later this match was tied and Delhi defeated Punjab in the super over. This defeat cost Punjab dearly in the end. He missed the playoffs by a slight margin.

Rules will continue after Corona

During this meeting, the rules implemented due to Corona virus were approved to continue even further. This includes giving extra DRS, banning the use of saliva on the ball, getting covid-19 replacements in Test matches and appointing home umpires. However, the ICC has said that if possible, the umpires of the Elite Panel should also be included. Right now due to the Quarantine rules due to the Corona Protocol, all countries are appointing their own umpires. The ICC has acknowledged that the domestic umpires have done a good job so far.

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