What happens if an umpire is injured during the game?

It’s a rare sight in cricket when an umpire gets injured during a match. In this article, you will see what happens if an umpire gets injured during the game.

Cricket is a sport that relies heavily on the impartiality and expertise provided by the umpires. The basic and most important role of an umpire in cricket is to ensure that the game is played fairly and according to the rules. However, umpires are also prone to injuries due to the position in which they stand on the ground.

If an umpire is injured during a game then the first step which is taken is to stop the game so that the umpire can receive the required medical attention. If an injury seems to be serious then the umpire will be taken off the ground for further treatment.

What happens if an umpire is not able to officiate in the game?


Law 2.2 of MCC says that an umpire shall not be changed during the match. The change of umpire can be done only in some exceptional cases. The law further states that if there is a replacement of the umpire then in that case the replacement must only stand at the striker’s end. If both captains agree that the replacement is capable of taking full responsibility as an umpire, then they shall be allowed to stand at the bowler’s end.

Has this ever happened?

One such instance of an umpire getting injured and being replaced happened in the Ranji Trophy Final on the 9th of March, 2020. During the match between Bengal and Saurashtra on Day 1, Umpire C Shamshuddin standing at the square leg position was hit in the lower abdomen area and left the field.

His on-field partner Anantha Padmanabhan stood at the bowler’s end alone on the first session of Day 2. Local umpire Piyush Kelkar stood at square leg for the first session. Padmanabhan was later joined by TV Umpire S Ravi as injured Shamshuddin became the TV Umpire. Yashwant Barde replaced Shamshuddin on Day 3

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