WWE News: When Drew McIntyre Will Make His Comeback?

The loss of Drew McIntyre has shocked and disappointed the WWE Universe, and here is everything you needed to know about The Scottish Warrior’s comeback in WWE.

WWE: The loss of Drew McIntyre has shocked and disappointed the WWE Universe. His whereabouts are being questioned, and fans are making guesses about when he might join WWE again. He’s going to be away from television for the time being. McIntyre made his decision to step down and exited the stadium on the most recent RAW broadcast. While some fans assume this is a part of the plot, others claim the Scottish Warrior had to take a temporary leave of absence because his wife was receiving medical attention.But when is he coming back? Let’s investigate below.

Everything you needed to know about Drew McIntyre‘s comeback in WWE

Everything you needed to know about The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre's comeback in WWE
Drew McIntyre (Image: WWE)


Drew has been losing matches since WWE WrestleMania 40. He celebrated his victory over Seth “Freakin” Rollins at WrestleMania 40, but he went too far when he taunted CM Punk while perched on the announce table. CM Punk became enraged by this and started attacking Drew. Arriving early, Damian Priest took advantage of the situation and used his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Title over Drew. After finishing Drew with a finisher, Damian won the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Scottish Warrior overcame multiple challenges, including a match against Finn Bálor, a participant in WWE Judgment Day, despite losing. He obtained a guarantee that, in the event of his World Title fight against Damian Priest at Clash at the Castle, members of Judgment Day would not be permitted to watch from the ringside. Drew and Damian put on an amazing match in the Clash at the Castle main event, with both athletes giving it their all.

After executing a Claymore Kick, Drew appeared to be winning the bout as it went on. But misfortune did not favor him. Following the referee’s incapacitation, CM Punk intervened and assumed the role of referee. Drew is outraged when Punk stopped counting at two. CM Punk delivered a low punch in response to Drew’s enraged attempt to choke him. At WWE Clash at the Castle, Damian capitalized on the opportunity, put Drew through his finisher, and won back the World Title.

Seth Rollins and Damian Priest Money in the Bank 2024
Seth Rollins and Damian Priest Money in the Bank 2024 (Image: WWE)

Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Damian Priest will face off for the World Title as Money in the Bank 2024 draws near. Seth quickly accepted the challenge that Damian had issued. The likelihood of Drew, The Scottish Warrior, interfering in this match is very strong. For a very long time, Drew has been a major player in the World Heavyweight belt scene, frequently losing the belt to outside interference. It appears that he now has the opportunity to avenge his loss and take back what he feels is rightfully his, which might help Damian keep the title at Money in the Bank 2024.

In addition, Drew McIntyre may return to fight CM Punk prior to SummerSlam. The strong promotions and interactions between these two have long been anticipated by fans.

SummerSlam may serve as the arena for CM Punk and Drew McIntyre’s titanic battle. Drew may have quit WWE briefly for this reason; CM Punk has been playing mind games with him a lot, and now it’s his turn. It’s possible that McIntyre’s declared retirement was a ploy to trick CM Punk and prepare the ground for Drew’s unexpected comeback to exact retribution.

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